Viva Rebel ROCKS

Viva Rebel is proud to provide honest love, inspiration, and encouragement for the modern-day badass.

Get the rocks. Join the club.

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Quick & Dirty Details

Hold your stone, take a breath…


  • Beautiful river rocks provide serenity and power whenever you need it
  • Extra strength, fast-acting words on the front
  • Meditative mandala on the back (perfect for thumb tracing – a relaxation method where you swirl your thumb on the surface of a smooth object to re-gain focus and clarity)
  • Professional-grade polish that’s super shiny and smooth AF
  • Recommended use: Daily
  • Common side effects include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Reduced stress
    • Increased mindfulness
    • Badass behavior
    • Higher confidence
    • Serious zen
    • Zero fucks given


Viva Rebel Rocks hold perfectly-timed, authentic words and affirmations to help lift your spirits, alleviate self-doubt, and keep you feeling connected to the badass divinity within you.


More Sweet Deets

Viva Rebel

Perfect Size

Measuring around 1 to 2 inches, they’re just the right size to hold in your hand or tuck in your pocket.  Keep one in your car, purse, desk, on your nightstand or bathroom counter… Anywhere you want!

Viva Rebel


Viva Rebel Rocks are 100% natural river rocks.  The colors, size and shapes vary because they’re crafted by Mother Earth herself, the Queen of all badasses.

Viva Rebel

Gender Neutral

Although women are the primary focus of our rebellious little community, rebel rocks are suitable for all genders and identities.  Swear words are for everyone!

And they’re fucking awesome gifts!

Give one to your badass friends and family members; your BFF, spouse/partner, favorite colleague, someone you meet who needs a cheer up…  Spread the love!