Bad Words. Good Vibes.

Positive thoughts and spiritual strength are closer than you think…

Viva Rebel

Gratitude (inspiration/worry/wish) stones are a remarkably fast and easy way to bring balance and serenity into your life.  These handy little stones serve as a quick reminder to stay calm, breathe, and bring yourself back to center.  Often used in meditation and manifestation practices (ie: The Secret), gratitude stones are used all over the world.

We took the traditional gratitude stone concept and added the power of swear words.  Swearing can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and instill a feeling of confidence, control, and well-being.  Boom.

So where do you put these rocks?  Here’s a handful of ideas to get you started:

  • Display one in a bowl, potted plant, or on your bedside table
  • Carry one in your purse for zen on the go
  • Keep one in your car to calmly handle asshole drivers with ease
  • Put one in your desk drawer for a quick shot of calm-the-fuck-down

Viva Rebel Rocks are here to serve you anytime, anywhere.  Peace and release at a moment’s notice.  Hell yeah!

Swear Words Rock!

The benefits of swearing have been documented in many notable publications: Nat Geo, BBC, Women’s Health, and The New York Times, just to name a few.  Take our word for it or check out the big-ass list of articles below.

Swear Words Rock