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Swear Word Worry Stones for Daily Empowerment & Badass Zen

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Reduce anxiety, increase confidence, power-up

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Give a Fuck or Two

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Brave, Bad & Classy

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Smart, Bold & Sexy

Love Rocks

Daily reminders that you’re fucking loved and important

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Viva Rebel
Viva Rebel
Viva Rebel

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Viva Rebel

Gratitude with Attitude

We love gratitude stones as much as the next new-age, positive-thinking optimist.  Sometimes those innocent little words just don’t cut it though.  When you’re stressed, upset, or hopeless as shit, holding a rock that says “Serenity” or “Dream” doesn’t really help.  We’ve been there.

What does help?  Swearing!  Swearing and a friendly reminder written in stone with a few choice words.  Our favorite is the classic of all classics: Fuck.  Fuck always delivers; that’s why we love it so much!

Viva Rebel Rocks are designed to appease your inner badass with resonating words that are authentic, edgy and rebellious as your inner dialogue.  When you can’t say it out loud, these rocks do the heavy lifting for you.  Think of them as your secret little sidekicks – there for you anytime life calls for a good old-fashioned expletive.  Rock on, bitches!

Research studies show swearing offers a multitude of health benefits

Scientifically proven to elevate endorphins and lower stress levels

Effective and healthy means of relaxation and release

Therapeutic qualities that instantly calm your ass down

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